At-Risk Scholars Get a Hand-Up We sponsor the neediest of students, usually in Kenya, and typically orphans. Sometimes we will sponsor a student who still has one parent if that parent has a disability. We provide scholarships for high school, university, polytechnic (trade) school, and rehabilitation schools. While elementary school is tuition free, we assist with uniforms, books, and shoes as well as various school fees. We like to protect the privacy of our students on scholarship but these are some recent recipients:

A high school student’s parents both died before he was 2 yrs old. He spent over a decade in an orphanage until he was ejected upon finishing the 8th grade because “funds were tight and the home was overflowing.” He’s been living with Good Samaritans since then, and Riva Refuge has been paying for his school expenses. We hope to increase his scholarship so that he can attend a boarding high school with a rigorous science curriculum for the next two years to help him meet his dream of becoming an engineer.

A freshman was about to begin high school when her father was injured and unable to work for months. We sponsored her until he was able to get back on the job to pay her expenses herself. Without the scholarship, she’s have had to sit out the full year.

Another of our scholarship/grant recipients had been a young elementary teacher before a catastrophic illness left her blind. We provided a Braille machine, a laptop with screen reading software, and many supplies to assist her rehabilitation. She now runs a nonprofit organization in Tanzania where she assists others with Community Based Rehabilitation.